Welcome to Jefferson County Kids Matter

We are a grassroots movement of parents, legal guardians, and concerned citizens that are working together to make positive changes in Kentucky’s largest public school system in the state.

The Jefferson County Kids Matter Facebook group was born during the response to the COVID pandemic. The pandemic exposed a number of problems and shortcomings in the public education system, which brought Kentucky parents to the table and opened their eyes. Unfortunately, parents quickly learned that they did not have a voice or a seat at the decision-making table when it came to their kids’ education.

The movement to involve more parents and advocate for better public education has grown significantly over the past two and half years. Parents have become actively involved with all education issues kids are facing: mental, physical, social, and academic.

As parents and community stakeholders, people expect open communication, more transparency, and school leaders who put students before politics.


  • Address School Safety and Bullying

  • Improve Curriculum and Transparency

  • Enhance Student Mental Health Offerings

  • Promote School Choice and Neighborhood Schools

  • Enable System-wide Parent Voice

  • Strengthen School-centric Communities

Kentucky Public Schools

Local School District Facebook Groups

In August 2020 Dawne Perkins from Fayette County created a Facebook group for parents called Kentucky Kids Matter (formerly known as Let Them Play) to rally the KSHAA to allow student-athletes to continue to play high school sports during the COVID shutdown. After the Kentucky Kids Matter group successfully rallied for sports that same group started rallying to get students back in the classroom and off remote learning (NTI). Since the decision to go back to school was a local-level decision in Kentucky, groups of local parents soon created their own Facebook groups to rally at their local school districts.

The Kentucky Kids Matter group and the local districts groups have now become a platform for parents to work together to bring change to the Kentucky public school system and share information.

This is a list of Facebook Group pages. We recommend joining the statewide group and your local district group if one is available.

Thank you for joining the movement.